Why hike with us

Hike with trained and experienced naturalist guides

Our two guides, Mario and Laetitia, have been working in Nature tourism for many years and have been specifically trained for guiding people in Nature. They both belong to AIGAE (Associazione Italiana Guide Ambientali Escursionistiche), the association that officially represents nature excursion guides in Italy.

Enjoy Nature at its fullest

With a particularly high concentration of biodiversity and many places of geological interest, the Madonie Natural Park is full of treasures. All the rare plants, surprising landscapes and other curiosities of Nature it shelters are definitely worth some proper explanations by a naturalist guide who will show you what you would probably miss alone.

Good and fair prices

Our association’s aim is to share the beauty of Sicily’s Nature with the widest public. This is why we try our best to offer prices accessible to most people. On the other hand, our guides dedicate a lot of passion and time to provide you with the best services and this needs to be fairly compensated. Most of our excursions are free for children up to 14 years old and we apply reduced prices for solo people when possible.

No risk of getting lost

During our hikes in the mountains, we sometimes meet disoriented people with a map or a guide book in hand. Although the Madonie have been a nature reserve since 1989, they still lack efficient tourism services. The trails are not well indicated and not always maintained. The official maps are anything but precise. This makes self-hiking here not so easy! So if your goal is only to enjoy a walk in Nature and not to challenge your sense of direction, a guided hike can be a good option.

We speak foreign languages

Mario and Laetitia both speak Italian, English, French and Spanish, which makes communication easy at all steps, from booking to hiking.

Think safe

Are you correctly equipped and prepared for this hike in the mountains? Do you know how to face a change of weather, an encounter with animals or an accident? We are here to make sure you walk safely and to find a solution in case of an unexpected situation.